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The full list of Morgan Stanley's new MDs

The full list of Morgan Stanley's 199 new MDs has landed.  We've listed all the names below. You can the divisional and gender breakdowns here. You can see who was promoted in the investment banking division here, and you can read about apparently disgruntlement at the shortage of fixed income promotions here. 

Let us know in the comments box below (or by email) if there's anything else we've missed. - Who merits special attention on the list below? Get in touch.

Angus Aboud

Rekha Agrawal

Adeel Ahmad

Youssef Ajdir

Aizaz Akhtar

Betanya Aklilu

Srinivas Alladi

Daniel J. Allard

Jan Ashauer

Rowan Bailey

Matthew Ball

Scott Barry

Sharon A. Bauer

Alberto Bertani

Hemang Bhojani

Malabika Biswas

Jean Bosse

Alexandros Bouzalis

Jean Boyer

Tom Briody

Dawn Burke

Kristopher Caldwell

Kimberley Callender

Ronald C. Carter

Terri L. Casper

David R. Casson

Irene Yuen Yu Chan

Darlene Charalambous

Thomas Chaussier

Tracy Liyi Chen

Nathan Cherry

Grace Chionuma

Ken Chu

Stefania Clemente

Sherette A. Constant

Thomas Contenay

Kyle A. Corcoran

Michael Cyprys

Latisha David

Gonzalo De Paredes

Volkan Dikmen

Amiya Dingare

Lilia Dobreva

Stacey Dominicci

Ryan J. Donohue

Martin Douglass

Michael P. Doyle

Kathryn Duffy

Gareth Edwards

Steve Edwards

Sean Egan

Pinar Ergun

Luca Faggiano

Mercedes Fernandez Elias

Zachary Fischer

Farid Foroughi

Dorothée Fuhrmann

Alex Gabriele

David Gallin

Daniel Gaviria

Zain Ghani

Lauren Gimlett

Yiwen Goh

Kunal Gohil

Christian Goldsmith

Allan Golotko

Denis Gorokhov

Kaushik Goswami

Anne Gravier

Chris Grayston

Neeraj Grover

David Hamburger

Kevin Harrington

Najmul Hasnain

Phillipa Hetherington

Rebecca Hill

Stacie Hoffmeister

Qingyi Huang

Naeema Huq Abrar

Min Huss

Ize Idemudia

Samarth Jagnani

Frank Jin

Nicole Karlisch

Michael J. Key

Saad H. Khan

Kirti Kher

Peter King

Joe Kistler

Bari Koss

Thomas Krautz

Paul Kwak

Cristina Lacaci

Jane Lam

Monique Lapointe

Mikael Legrand

Benjamin Levine

Christin Levine

Rob Lunn

Luca Lupo

Francesca Mandelli

Subhash Mangipudi

Jamie Martin

Daniel Mayer

Lisa McBreen

Alison McGovern

Michael R. McLaughlin

Alex Meditz

Rohan Mehra

Rodrigo Maldonado

Manoj K. Menon

Christopher Metli

Jun Miyatsu

Atul Modi

Will Mollard

Nancy Monaghan

Jeff Montero

Chance Moreland

Tetsuhito Morita

Michael Murray

Joseph Edward Nemec

Patrick H. Neundorfer

Ilya Nikitin

Jenn Noonan

Tayo Ogunnaike

Ahmet Ozcan

Tim Page

Swapnil Parab

Priti Patel

Liz Pedersen

Emily S. Pereless

Jonathan Pflug

Nestor Pidkuyko

Mike Pierce

Andy Plaisted

Ricardo Pravia

Earl Pryce

Rob Pulleyn

Niccolò Rabitti

Arthi Raghavan

Michelangelo Raimondi

Jennifer Ramnauth

Pat Reilly

Chris Reynolds

Maura Rose

Brian C. Rosevear

Darius Rowbotham

Julia Rubalevskaya

Henrik Z. Sandström

Andrea Levine Sanft

Dipesh Sanghrajka

Tejas Sanghvi

Rob Scarmuzzi

Molly Schneider Mintz

Vineet Sekhsaria

Nicolas Seyot

Malavika Shanker

Jon Sierant

Roksolana Sierant

Peter Sillitoe

Alex Silverman

David Simons

Brian Smith

Matthew Soriano

Laura H. Southerland

Ashish Srivastava

Suzi Stein

Alex M. Stetter

Michelle Stewart

Dana Strynadka

Kunpeng Sun

Pranav Surendranath

Kevin Swan

Mansour Sy

Jonathan Thomas

David Thompson

Alejandro Tovar

Roger Trimble

Christine Tu

Sully Vinas

Daniele Vismara

Stephen Voice

Brandon Von Feldt

Daniel Vyravipillai

Simon Walker

Chuck Walter

Anjelica Kelly Watson

Marcus Watson

Lindsey Wetzel

Monty Wilensky

Bruce Williams

Duncan Williamson

Sinead Wilson

Onn Yee Wong

Julia Xiao

Sherry Xu

Tony Yin

Justin Zhang

Zhou Wei

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

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AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • An
    19 January 2022

    It would be interesting to know the split by gender across the whole bank at ED level, and also the number of EDs in the fixed income division. In its latest 'diversity report', Morgan Stanley says that 26% of its 'officers' (MDs, EDs and VPs) are female. Since these will be mostly EDs and VPs, it looks as if the 33% of women promoted to MD is about proportionate, but difficult to tell as they don't say how many EDs are female (assume nobody goes from VP directly to MD).

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