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"I got offers from Citadel and Two Sigma... I'm staying in big tech"

I'm a software engineer with over a decade of experience in a major tech company. I'm looking to make a move and have the luxury of multiple offers in hand, some of which are in financial services. However, I'm leaning towards staying on the West Coast.

The first problem I've heard is that the technology and infrastructure isn't very advanced, but the biggest issue is the culture. It's all about making money; your compensation is a ratio of how much money you can make for the company, which means your work-life balance will get ****ed up.

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That doesn't mean things are perfect in tech. Work-life balance has gotten worse, especially compared to COVID times. All tech companies are getting stricter; they expect more, and the extra commuting to the office doesn't help.

I've got offers from Two Sigma and Citadel, are either of them worth leaving tech for? Let me know in the comments.

Gill Bates is a pseudonym

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AUTHORGill Bates Insider Comment
  • Jo
    Josh Harrington
    9 November 2023

    Hi Gill, congratulations on securing offers regardless of your decision. They're huge achievements and demonstrate a lot of skills and commitment. I'm a head-hunter with experience across the finance and technology field, including teams at Citadel. If you have concerns over work-life balance then take your time and consider other smaller teams in the industry, Citadel and Two Sigma are two of the biggest but not the best.

    Reach out to me on LinkedIn if you want more insight into specific companies in the industry. Good luck!

  • Go
    Golden Eagle
    4 November 2023

    "...your compensation is a ratio of how much money you can make for the company,..". Well, of course! And you seem to suggest something is wrong about that? Get a grip Mr. "software engineer" and come back to earth. That's why you are called an "employee". You are being "employed"-i.e. "used" by a company to-wait for it...-make money! How don't you understand that? Now, if my efforts directly translate into say $100,000,000.00 of profit for my "employer" you bet I'm going to be looking for a Millennium or Blue Crest size "slice of the pie".

  • Ru
    Ruben Ruiz
    2 November 2023

    Hello Gill, congratulations for your career. I've working at tech at the finance industry. Didnt have the chance to work for a tech company as the FAANGs. Nowadays the financial industry is having an interesting time where some market makers and hedge funds have resources to get good talent. I think the answer is what is your optimal point between work balance and salary. Best Jobs in finance for you are at hedge funds and market makers(Jane street, hrt,xtx...) Avoid banks 😄 they are slow, old and burocratic. Best traders are moving from banks(even goldman suchs, Jp Morgan) to hedge funds. Im not saying you should be a trader of course it's just an example of where usually the best paid people are going. I dont know your country but the highest level is 1. New York., after these four the level of the companies drop a lot. hope It helps

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.