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Google salaries in New York City

As we have noted often on these pages, there are plenty of jobs going at Google Cloud. Thomas Kurian, the new Google Cloud CEO has been talking-up the company's hiring intentions since joining in January and accordingly, plenty of Google Cloud jobs have been released in both London and New York. 

If you've got a finance background and you want to avail yourself of one of them, you should probably pitch yourself as a kind of customer facing 'cloud engineer' helping to sell Google's Cloud capabilities to the financial services sector. This is Kurian's hiring sweetspot: he said GC is all about hiring people who can help clients "adopt" and "improve" its product.   

How much are you going to earn if you jettison a banking job for a job as a 'Google Cloud Sales Engineer' though? Is this something you really want to be doing?

Well, maybe. The ever-fruitful U.S. H1B salary database has six datapoints for the salaries awarded to Google Cloud Sales Engineers hired on H1B visas in New York City this year. Most were logged in June, after GC's hiring spree got underway. They range from $130k to $158k, with a mean average of $147k.

Does this make it worth your while moving? That clearly depends how much you're earning now.

Notably, though, Cloud sales engineers aren't in the best paid seats at Google in New York City. Based on the H1B data, you can earn more (up to $200k as a financial analyst) and more still if you're in 'solutions' or 'software engineering' (where salaries for director-level people are closer to $300k). Curiously, it seems you can also earn more as a simple Google 'sales consultant' instead of someone selling Cloud. On the other hand, you'll probably be better off in cloud sales than as an account manager or account strategist, where salaries are more typically in the low $100ks or below. 

Needless to say, all the salaries below are a reflection of pay for H1B Visa holders. They may be an accurate depiction of salaries at Google in New York, or they may not, but they're the most accurate figures that are publicly available.

What are salaries like at Google in New York?

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Photo by Arthur Osipyan on Unsplash

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • Ke
    Kenny Brunton
    2 October 2019

    Somebody should sell the clouds here, I need to get my washing dry.

  • Ak
    Akam Ebolom
    2 October 2019

    Google cloud platform is giving alot of potential for the growth of all businesses but you gain more when you got a different strategies of driving sales in addition with the salary structure in salary database.

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