Mizuho continues to hire senior bankers as it expands its Wall Street operations

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Mizuho is a relatively small investment bank with big ambitions for its U.S. operations. It's hiring in IBD and for its markets business and has just brought in two more senior bankers.

Gerry Rieger, a former managing director at Nomura, has signed up in a similar role at Mizuho in New York. He's been at Nomura since 2011, having joined from Morgan Stanley in 2011. Rieger spent over six years at Morgan Stanley, and before that was audit director at Constellation Energy.

Mizuho has also hired recently hired Greg Eickbush as a managing director in its New York office. Eickbush has held various senior roles in investment banking, including nearly five years at Lehman Brothers in New York. After leaving Lehmans, he's been COO roles at proprietary trading firm Infinium Capital Management and has also worked as a managing director at SocGen's Wall Street operation. He joined from Shaolin Capital Partners, where he was COO.

Mizuho has made it clear that it plans on gaining a bigger slice of the pie on Wall Street. As well as building out its fixed income business, it's also been hiring for investment banking. Mizuho added headcount in 2016 and plans to continue to do so, focused primarily on two sectors, technology in San Francisco and healthcare in New York.

Meanwhile, Nomura has alternated between hiring and cutting staff over the past few years. In March of 2016, Nomura announced that it was cutting jobs in the U.S. and its 250-strong headcount fell to around 150 people. Then in August, its COO said that it wanted to hire 20 more U.S.-based M&A investment bankers.

In November, at least five senior investment bankers left Nomura, including Matthew Upton, who was a managing director in the bank’s global TMT investment banking group in New York, relocated to San Francisco to join Mizuho Securities. He’s head of software investment banking there.

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