Meet 10 graduates who just joined Goldman Sachs' markets business. What makes them so special?

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You want to work for Goldman Sachs when you leave school. Specifically, you want to work in Goldman Sachs' markets division, where you are given to understand that thousands of top fixed income and equities salespeople and traders are making millions of dollars in one of the most successful banks on 'The Street'.

Do you, realistically, have any hope of achieving this aim? Fortunately, Goldman Sachs has just registered a whole load of its new graduate hires (AKA 'analysts') into its markets business with the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so we can see who it likes to recruit. [efc_twitter text="What makes Goldman's sales and trading juniors so special?"] We've listed ten of them below so that you can benchmark yourself against their achievements.

1. Joel Adaah

An equity sales analyst at Goldman in London, Adaah is a graduate of the London School of Economics, where he achieved a first class degree in accounting and finance. Adaah was the vice president of the LSE's Law and Financial Markets Society. He interned with Goldman before joining full time, and before he interned with Goldman he also interned with RBC Capital Markets and Accenture. In other words, Adaah is a top student with multiple top internships...

2. Amy Armour

Armour is an an analyst on Goldman's London equity derivatives sales desk. She has an MA in Economics from the University of Edinburgh (where she was chairman of the economics society) and a list of internships and work placements as long as a ten year old's Christmas list (one month at McKinsey & Co, four months at Citi, one month at Simmons & Co, one month at EY, three months at 'Eagle Orchid Management Services'). She too completed a summer internship at Goldman before joining full time.

3. Natsumi Bolton

Natsumi is an equity sales analyst at Goldman in London. A graduate of Durham University, she has a masters in engineering. She also has four A Levels (maths, further maths, physics and Japanese) all at grades A*. She too was part of the university finance society (a 'gender representative' on the Durham University Investment and Finance Group). She was also the Goldman Sachs campus ambassador for Durham. She interned at Goldman Sachs the summer prior to joining and has a small mountain of other internships too (Citi, Procter & Gamble and Trucost, an environmental data firm.)

4. Mark Jones

Mark Jones is an analyst on Goldman Sachs' stock-loan/synthetic trading desk. A graduate in statistics with finance from the London School of Economics, he has A Levels in maths, further maths, economics and physics, of which two are A*s and two of which are As. Jones once spent eight months working in the menswear department of John Lewis. He was a spring intern at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. He interned at Goldman Sachs the summer before joining. Interestingly, he also spent nine months as an analyst (while studying) for 'Global Platinum Securities', a $200k long only fund run by elite students.

5. Camron Joseph

Joseph is an equity derivatives analyst at Goldman Sachs. A physics graduate from University College London, he completed one-month internships at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Vestra Wealth, Rochdale Securities (in NY), Bank of America and the Loews Corporation (also in NY, two months). This was before he even turned up at Goldman Sachs as a three month summer intern in 2013.

6. Maximillian Kaupp-Roberts

Kaupp Roberts also studied at UCL (Master of Engineering, Civil Engineering). He's joined Goldman's equity macro trading team after an internship last summer. Unusually, his only previous banking internship (for one month) was in RBS's operations division. He speaks German and English fluently.

7. Alyssa Lew GuiQi

Lew GuiQi just joined Goldman's emerging markets FX trading team. She's a graduate of the London School of Economics, where she achieved a first class degree (in economics). Educated in Singapore, she achieved an award for excellence in her A Levels. Before interning with Goldman in summer 2013, she completed a spring internship with Nomura and three eclectic internships in Singapore (eg. Dream Academy Productions).

8. Lucrezia Rebecchini

Rebecchini has joined Goldman's securities division, although we don't know what she does there exactly. She's got a masters and a bachelors degree from Bocconi (she scored 110/110 in her bachelors) and she speaks Italian and French fluently and English proficiently.

9. Stanley Sheriff

Sheriff is an equities trader at Goldman in London. Before completing a summer internship at Goldman in 2013, he interned at.... GLG (a hedge fund), Toscafund Asset Management, Libertas Capital, Holland Park Capital, ICAP and Citi. He has a first class degree in economics from the London School of Economics.

10. Dominik Storhas

Storhas is a cross-asset derivatives salesman at Goldman Sachs. He studied at TU Munich & University of Augsburg, where he specialised in  'Finance and Information Management.' Storhas spent four months as a visiting fellow at the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre in Sydney in summer 2013. He then joined Goldman as a 'summer analyst' in January 2014 and was awarded a full-time job with the firm in September. 

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