The biggest employers of CFA charterholders globally

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In a new era of transparency, or perhaps a giving away of a little more information than most financiers would like, the CFA Institute has unveiled a new database that provides the names, telephone numbers, email addresses, locations and job titles of its 112,000 charterholders.

The CFA’s new member directory is a headhunters’ dream, providing scarcely available contact details for thousands of financial services professionals across the globe, provided they have passed all three levels of the qualification. The CFA has a disclaimer ensuring that no one accessing the database will use the contact information for sales, marketing or mass communication purposes, but it still provides a goldmine of data for anyone with an interest in getting in touch with talent, which itself may not be entirely comfortable having their details freely available online.

We’ve delved into the new feature to assess which financial services organisations are the biggest employers of CFA charterholders. Perhaps not surprisingly, the large banks – particularly those with big captive asset management arms – are most likely to employ CFAs, even more so than the largest, standalone fund managers.

As we’ve stated previously, a CFA isn’t much help if you want to find employment at a hedge fund or private equity firm and even the largest of these companies employ only a handful of charterholders.


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