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Goldman Sachs' top target universities in 2019

In theory, banks like Goldman Sachs are less wedded to hiring from a target list of universities today than they used to be. Thanks to the HireVue digital interviewing platform they are able to assess a far broader range of candidates than before using artificial intelligence. As a result, analyst classes are drawn from more diverse set of institutions. Getting in if you come from a non-target school is easier than before.

And yet, banks do still press the flesh with students at university networking events. And it can be argued that the number of networking events a bank attends at each university is a measure of its enthusiasm for that university's students.

This makes Goldman's new events calendar for the 2019 university networking round interesting. Posted in the past few weeks, it's still being updated and has some notable omissions (where is every bank's preferred UK university - the London School of Economics?) plus some unlikely revelations.

Based upon the number of visits Goldman's recruiters have currently tabled to each university in 2019, it looks like Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, is the place to be this year. Goldman's recruiters are visiting nine times, possibly because it combines the virtues of being close to home and a good feeder for the firm's New Jersey office.

Less conveniently, however, Goldman's second favourite university in 2019 seems to be Bocconi in Italy. We've noted the firm's passion for Bocconi students before. In the past it hired them for both London and Warsaw. In future, it will presumably hire them for London, Warsaw and its newly expanded office in Milan.

The chart below shows the universities Goldman's visiting most frequently (as things currently stand), and the areas it's trying to hire for at each one. Of course, the events list might be updated - we'd expect the London School of Economics to make itself felt soon.

Notably, Goldman Sachs' CEO David Solomon's alma mater - Hamilton College - isn't on the list. Rutgers is where Harvey Schwartz, whom Solomon defeated to become CEO, studied. 

The other notable thing about Goldman's 2019 visiting list is the emphasis on engineering. Of nearly 130 events in total, around 30 are 'engineering only' - which is impressive when you consider that Goldman is also recruiting for another 18 different divisions (legal, merchant banking, operations, realty management, risk, securities, services, compliance, consumer, executive office, finance, investment research, HR, investment banking, internal audit and consumer and investment management.)

Two of Goldman's engineering sessions are virtual and therefore open to everyone. They're being held on Hackerrank on 15 September and 9 October. 

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Photo by Mihai Lazăr on Unsplash

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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