The top banks in fixed income sales, trading, research in 2014

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So you want to work in fixed income sales, trading, or research for a bank in Europe? Where is best? Where is safe? Where is growing its market share? Where isn't?

Fortunately, all these questions can be answered using this new set of league tables from research firm Greenwich Associates:

European fixed income trading market share: 2014

European fixed income market share

2013: Barclays' market share=12.8%, Deutsche=10.5%, JPMorgan=9.3%, Citi=7.7%, Morgan Stanley=6.3%.

European credit trading market share:

European credit sales and trading market share

2013: JPMorgan=13.2%, Barclays=12.4%, Deutsche=11.0%

European rates trading market share

European rates trading market share

2013: Barclays=13.2%, Deutsche=10.2%, JPMorgan=7.6%.

Best banks for European fixed income sales:

Best banks for European fixed income sales


Best banks for European fixed income research:

Best bank for European fixed income research2013=JPMorgan

So, where should you be working in European fixed income? 

Which banks are best to work for in European fixed income sales and trading? Greenwich Associates' results suggest you should be going for Barclays. Or Deutsche Bank. Or JPMorgan. Goldman Sachs is notably absent from the European fixed income league tables.

Which bank is best and offers the safest fixed income jobs? Here we'd suggest JPMorgan or maybe Deutsche Bank. Barclays is, after all, in the midst of a big fixed income-focused redundancy programme.

And which banks are growing their fixed income market share?  Try Citi and HSBC. Morgan Stanley is on the way down, although this is a deliberate strategy on behalf of the U.S. bank. 


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