Morning Coffee: How to walk into a job at JPMorgan. Ex-Citi exec complains of lewd photocopies

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Want to stroll off the street and into a job at JPMorgan? Become an expert in cyber-security.

Earlier this month, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon announced that the bank's spending on cyber-security is due to double over the next five years following the cyber-attack that afflicted the bank in August. Already, recruiters say banks are paying handsomely for anyone with security expertise. Five years ago, senior cybersecurity executives were earning $200k to $500k Jeanne Branthover at Boyden Global Executive Search, told Bloomberg. - Today they're earning $2m. Suddenly, 'chief information security officers' are being paid on a par with managing directors in trading and investment banking, Bloomberg claims.

Separately, Sallie Krawcheck, the former president of the global wealth management division at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and ex-CFO and ex-head of Citi's wealth management and research businesses, among other things, has disclosed that she used to find photocopies of male bankers' genitals on her desk each morning. "That was her sort of good morning from the men of her firm," says film director Jamila Wignot, who spoke to Krawcheck for a programme on female executives. And banks wonder why they can't employ more women.


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