Beautiful ex JPMorgan intern earns $20k-$30k appearing at alumni events

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Why work for JPMorgan when you can earn far more money being beautiful at alumni events run by elite European business schools?

Xenia Tchoumitcheva, the Swiss-Russian model who once interned at JPMorgan before deciding banking wasn't for her and setting up the website ChicOverdose, has discovered a lucrative sideline as a paid host at the Swiss University of St. Gallen's graduate events.

Swiss business magazine Bilanz reports that the demurely dressed Tchoumitcheva earned between $20k-$30k for a 10 minute presentation and a discussion with ex-Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann at USG this week. It's not clear what Tchoumitcheva asked Ackermann, but in the photograph accompanying the Bilanz article he looks rather flushed.

You can see Xenia's presentation on women in business by clicking the link below. Any bankers hoping to follow Xenia's example may want to bear in mind that her fee may have been exaggerated (at least this is what she claims on her Facebook page). Equally, she's not exactly your run of the mill ex-banking type. "The fact that you are a stunningly beautiful goddess excludes you from any discourse about people's future in financial services," said one of our readers when Xenia revealed her reasons for not staying on at JPMorgan three years ago.


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